About She, posted on Monday at 02:42

ku x dpt jjo dgn diri sndiri antara aku suka ka x ngn nya ..
First time pkol 0330 petang , nya call aku ..
malu campur ingin ..
tp siapa aku nk kata suka dgn dia ..
I just trying to talk to her .. but ..
how come , lidah aku kelu ..
how come i can smile infront of lappy .. while dowload her pic ?
hear her voice , like i can't breath ..
this is stupid .. so sad why i am so dayus ?

now , i think she want break up ..
i'm sorry make your heart was hurt ..
so sorry ..
just i want u to know that right now , infront here until u hate me ..
i still love u F.E.V .
i'm not lying ...
not anymore ...
eiya dh sy relakan ...
i just want u ..
i sarang hae
n if u want to break up to me this night ,

i will say good bye farra with no smile again ..
i promise she will be the last ..
no playin again ..
   tryin to speak but .. mybe i should try later..