(ouija Board), posted on Sunday at 02:04

uu seram nye malam tadik XD
me ? cam biasa an my fren bwt bnda bodoh
That's its ! spirit of the coin .
I thought that just cerita dongeng and doesn't exist !
by the way they are exist ! waa

If you guys havnt heard of the game spirit of the glass or spirit of the coin, it is very similar to the Ouija bord except it is played in a different style and a different way... Spirit of the coin. This I played with my sis, an her other 3 friends. You get a clean board, you write the letters A-Z on the top, below you write yes or no and you put the coin in the midle where no one should touch it. light a candle anywhere. Thats how we played it. We probably even did the set up wrong coz we never played and did it but we never knew that just TRYING it would be a risk thing to do..... So now everyone sits in A circle around the board. We closed the windows, doors and lights in our room , everything for no distraction.... WE were suppose to recite 3 hail marys, 3 our father and 3 glory be... and say "spirit of the coin, are you in?", This is how we played it, we recited the prayers. Then we asked for my grandad too be with us... before the game was on, i had unusual goosebumbs on my left side since no one sat next to me on my left. Like i told you, there was no air in our room but cold sharp air kept passing on my left side as if something o SOMEONE was trying to tease me by passing back and fort.... Later, everyone noticed i was shivering like crazy on my left, ezmee looked at my left side and got stiff. I didnt bother looking @ my left, i just slowly closed my eyes coz someting was coming toward my face. I whispered a prayer... Everyone joined with me. I didnt feel the cold anymore. so i stoped. As we all opened our eyes, we saw the coin was flipped. it was standing on its edge. Everyone panicked. obviously no one did it... As we prayed more with our eyes OPEN this time, it got more weird. The flame on the candle started to move around like crazy as if something was running around it. As it moved, everyone started to move away from the board. The light of the candle died by itself. We heard a voice that laughed like a bad force from somewhere.... everyone started to panic including me. The light turned on. "oh my god!" evryone was screaming. We didnt even know who turned the light on. When i asked mal, " mal, what did you see that sat next to me? That thing played on me! on us!" mal said: "It was your grandad @ first but then it tranformed into something else." "What?" "A Demon" When you play these games, please understand that if your contacting a spirit, a loved one, when ur trying to communicate with a spirit, any bad force that will pass by, it will stop, visit and come to you instead. sounds hard to understand but thats what happened. Either we played around or took it seriously, it didnt matter. It was a dangerous game. It is a dangerous game. One of us couldve been possessed. Even though none of us believed, that event didnt want us to attempt that again....
p/s : do not try this at home ! syirik for moslem .